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Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to walk a day in the shoes of an ancient Roman? The coastal city of Pompeii affords us such a glimpse. The ancient city of Pompeii lays only a few miles south of Mt. Vesuvius, which erupted on August 79 CE. The volcanic eruption left the city decimated under a 100-foot thick layer of ash for centuries. The historian, Pliny the Younger described the scene: “Ashes were falling, hotter and thicker…followed by bits of pumice and blackened stones, charred and cracked by the flames.” The volcanic ash that destroyed the city also helped preserve it, essentially freezing the city in time. This unique situation allows us to experience the city (almost) as its first century population did. In this class we will examine various aspects of space and life at Pompeii, from religion and architecture to prostitution and art. The class will be fun for the novice, traveler, or history buff.

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Lamas 9/6 - 10/11 Th 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM $60.00 View 16

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